Electronic Components

Electronic Component Repair

Industrial electronic repair service - In many cases, your electronics can be repaired fast, and at a fraction of the cost of buying a new OEM part. Our in-house electronic repair facility and distribution system gets your electronic components repaired and back to you fast.
Repairing your PLC saves you money! Buying a new electronic part such as a plc when you can have your current plc repaired doesn't make sense in today's economy. Our repair services are faster than original manufacturer repairs, and we can beat their prices, too! It makes sense; we can help you reduce the outbound flow of money from your business.
Based at our Staffordshire workshop, our team of highly experienced electronic engineers provides a fast, reliable and cost effective alternative to the original equipment manufacturer. RMS specialise in repairing all types of equipment, we can also repair many other types of electronic equipment, normally without any technical information.

Electronic Panels

We can provide a comprehensive range of panels to cover every application. We can design and build panels incorporating:
P.L.C control
Dual monitored circuit safety relays
Light curtain monitoring etc.

We are currently building panels to control fully automated processed, Semi-Automated processes and manual one at a time sequences for the Automotive, Food and General manufacturing industries.
As well as building new panels for customers in various types of industry, we also maintain existing panels and machines offering a full maintenance, breakdown and fault finding service.

Electronic Components

We aim to provide a service which can be as cost effective to us as to yourselves, therefore if a circuit board, drive card, digital display, safety relay etc proves to be faulty why go the expense of replacing a complete unit when we can remove it and return it repaired and working again.

If you require the parts that are hard to find let us try to obtain them for you, or we may be able to suggest suitable alternatives that will reduce cost and expensive production downtime.